Store Alarm Gave Burglars A Hurry Up

Bay View Mobil has been the target of yet another crime, after its armed hold up in June this year. Two dark clothed people entered the store via the front door and used crowbars to attempt to open the locked cigarette case.

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Burglars Sell Laptops Cheap For Cash

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it comes to electronic equipment. However selling laptops and other consumer goods cheap gives burglars an easy opportunity to benefit quickly from their crimes.

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Spring Sees Rise In Car Theft and Burglaries

Wellington police have discovered that the 37th week every year sees the number of burglaries and car thefts peak. Detailed analysis has been unable to explain why the 37th week is so popular with criminals.

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Happy Ending For Burgled Hawkes Bay Family

.Joshua McCutcheon and his family have been the unfortunate victims of a devastating house fire...

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Police Remind Homeowners To Lock Their Doors

Burglars are always looking for the easiest and quietest way to enter...

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