Common Myths About Security Alarms

House break inSome other people say that alarms are ineffective. Here we dispell some myths about burglar alarms.

Burglar Alarms Cost to Much

Whilst most home owners have contents insurance, no insurance payout will cover the violation of having your property broken into, and the theft of irreplaceable business or family possessions. There are many different types of burglar alarm systems, and the cost of having a professional electrician install one is a wise investment given they can provide a high level of security for decades.

Alarm Systems Always Go Off Unnecessarily

The four most common causes of alarm activations are; spiders walking over a PIR sensor, sun strike hitting a sensor, rodents walking through the room and a flat battery. All these can be easily prevented by maintaining basic cleanliness, having sensors installed in the correct position initially, and replacing the alarm battery at periodic intervals.

 Doing these things will drastically reduce any chance of a false alarm.

Alarm Monitoring Is a Waste of Money

Whilst it is not that common that a security guard actually catches a burglar, the key point is that you don't want your home left open to other people and the weather. You maybe away and the last thing you want is people clearing out your house. 

Sending a neighbour into a potentially dangerous situation puts their well being at risk, for what essentially can be the price of a few pizzas. It's not worth getting stabbed or shot for a pizza: is it?

 You can often request a phone call prior to a guard being dispatched, so it's up to you if somebody goes.

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My Pet Will Cause False Alarms

This is easy enough to resolve by being more selective about where sensors are placed and or the use of sensors specifically designed for pet owners.

Security Alarms Don't Stop Intruders

Burglars go for the easiest option. When your house has proper security features, your property becomes a more difficult target. Burglars are more likely to break into buildings without security and where they have full reign to take what they like, because they have as much time as they like. An alarm acts as a visual and physical deterrent.

My Property Isn't a Target For Thieves

Every property is a target regardless of it's condition or what you own, the reason being the burglar doesn't know what is in your home or commercial building necessarily, and you definitely don't want to walk into an armed burglar.

The Police Will Respond To an Alarm Activation

The police respond to 111 calls not alarm activations. It is the responsibility of the security guard or property owner to alert the police if there is a break in. The police will not respond to a neighbours call about an alarm activation at your place.

A Burglar Can Cut The Power or Cables of The Alarm

This is exceptionally rear and highly unlikely. With a monitored alarm this isn't a problem because when the alarm is activated or the communication line is cut off, a message is sent to the monitoring company. Whilst it maybe possible for a burglar to disable an alarm they would have to find the hidden security box which in itself is highly unlikely, and by then a security guard should be on site.

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